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191 Burwood Road   - BRAIDS OF AFRICA
                       African Hairdressing
Full head weave with own hair $200 with a leave out and with no leave out $250
If you don't have your own extensions can always buy hair at the shop, we stock
both Synthetic Hair and human hair
Cornrows     $150
Kids cornrow  $120
Side cornrows $30
Half head cornrows $80
Synthetic Hair braiding extensions or weave on 
from $15,$20,$25,$35,$45
Human hair extensions...Re tighten (own hair) $30 per row
Human hair Extension with hair from $140 per row
Single braids from  $380
Box braids from  $380
Tree braids from $380
Twists or Afro twist from $380
Pick and drop front with weave on $250 Micro braids $280
Pick and drop braids full head $350 Micro braids $380
Tree braid cornrows $350 
Kids single braids $300
Removal of braids from $140
Removal of weave  from $95
Gel & Pony tail from $ 150
Relaxers & Straighten with cream short to
Mid length $150, Natural long hair $250
Relaxers & Straighten without cream $125
Hair texturizing form $150
Haircuts for men    $25
Women's haircuts $ 35
Shampoo and blow dry $75
Hair treatment $45
Call for more information or to book appointment. 0466 247 937
Available 7 days Monday – Sunday.
Evening appointments available.
Call: 0466 247 937  Email:braidsofafrica@yahoo.com
Visit our website: www.braidsofafrica.com.au

Kids cornrowMirco  braidsHalf Mirco braids with weavy extensions
BraidsBraidsBraids with extensions Cornrow with curlsGuy's Cornrows
Braids without extensions Braids without extensions Short half braids with curlsBraidsCornrows
BraidsAdd on cornrow with braidsCornrowsBraidsBraids
Guy's CornrowsBraidsBraidsKids cornrow with curled braidsBraids
Full haed braidsBraidsDesigned cornrowsHalf braidsBraids with mixed colours
BraidsBraidsCornrow with pony mircosKids cornrowKinky twist
BraidsBraidsFull head weave on extensions with cornrow on the sideMirco Braids
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