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                                Best looking Dreadlocks 
Preparing for dreadlocks  
1.Prepare your mind  
2.Prepare your body   
3.Prepare your hair
The techniques used are:
  • Back combing dreadlocks
  • Crocheting dreadlocks
  • Rubber band dreadlocks
  • Human hair extension dreadlocks
  • Yarn or thread dreadlocks
  • Synthetic hair dreadlocks
  • Proper maintenance is the key to healthy happy dreadlocks
 Price start from:
From $650 for new dreadlocks
From $350  Maintaining dreadlocks
Please Note: if you have short hair and you need your dreadlocks done, you don’t need to wait for your hair to grow, I can add 100% human hair extensions or synthetic hair or yarn so that you can have long good looking dreadlocks. You pay more for the extensions. 
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